Self-care Journal
Self-Care Journal: Personal Growth Diary with Weekly Habit Tracker Templates
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Self-Care Journal is a simple tool to assist you in your journey to a happier and healthier life. It is about setting goals and doing activities that will help you discover your potential. Everything is possible when you truly commit yourself to reach your goals.

The journal features prompted pages to help you keep track of your activities and habits. The way to a healthier and happier self is through a series of little habits that give you a feeling of having done something good for your body, mind and soul every day.

Things do not happen magically. You must make a commitment and move a little step forward every day. To achieve your goals, you must take action today.

About this journal

· 134 pages – beautifully designed
· 6×9 inch – easy to carry
· Habit tracker templates
· Matte softcover

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