The 52-Week Running Journal: 120 Page 6×9 Inch Notebook to Record Your Runs and Track Progress in 2021
Category: Running Logbooks ISBN: 9798576655892 Pages: Language: English

The 52-Week Running Journal provides space to log your runs and races. It has been designed for you, a passionate and dedicated runner, to help you achieve your running goals in 2021. Whatever your aim is, you want to participate in the marathon run or just run for relax and enjoy, with this journal you can keep track of your running progress and performance.

Keep your journal handy to jot down the distance, pace, route, weather conditions for each run, as well as your thoughts and comments.

About the Journal

  • 120 Pages
  • Convenient size – 6” x 9” – for a gym bag and rucksack
  • Soft glossy cover

Great gift for beginners and advanced runners.





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