Soul Body and Mind - Self-Care Journal
Soul Body and Mind: Self-Care Routine Journal for Women to Write in
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Do you feel overwhelmed and cannot find time for yourself? Do you sometimes feel depressed, stressed and overworked or simply lost?

Self-Care Routine Journal is a simple self-care diary to assist you in your journey to inner balance, happiness and well-being. The way you spend your time affects your mood, feelings and self-satisfaction.

The main part of the journal features prompted pages to help you set your daily and weekly intentions and keep track of your activities and habits. The way to a healthier and happier self is through a series of little habits that give you a feeling of having done something good for your body, mind and soul every day. Be your own master and disciple.

This journal will keep you accountable. If your goal is to improve your health, you must take full responsibility for it, you must do things, take actions which lead and boost such a lifestyle. Things won’t magically happen. You must make a commitment and move forward every day. Try to do your tasks regularly, one step at a time, but a step forward.




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