Green Tea & Pomelo Fruit - Self-Care Journal
Yoga, Green Tea and Pomelo Fruit: Self-Care Routine Journal for Women to Write in
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Have you heard about self-care routine? Self-care routine is about activities which you intend to do regularly to improve your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Self-Care Routine Journal is a tool to assist you in your journey to a happier and healthier life. Doing yoga exercise, having a cup of green tea or eating one pomelo fruit are only examples of the activities you may wish to incorporate in your daily routine.

The main part of the journal features prompted pages to help you set your daily and weekly intentions and keep track of your activities and habits. The way to a healthier and happier self is through a series of little habits that give you a feeling of having done something good for your body, mind and soul every day.

Things do not happen magically. You must make a commitment and move forward every day. Try to do your tasks regularly, one step at a time, but a step forward. To achieve your goal of a happy and healthy life, you must take full responsibility, and you must take action today.





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