Cute Dogs: Softcover Sketchbook with Blank Pages (and Dog Pictures to color)

This Cute Dogs Sketchbook provides space to express creativity. It has been designed for young artists who love drawing and dogs – it features cute pictures of dogs for inspiration or coloring.

It is simple and functional, perfect for kids, teens, girls, boys, sisters and brothers who love drawing, sketching, doodling and expressing themselves. It can be used as a sketchbook, a journal or diary for those who prefer blank pages for their writing, or a field notebook for teenagers. The perfect gift for kids and girls who like dogs and writing.

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  • 120 blank pages with cute drawings of dogs
  • Soft matte finish cover
  • Good size. Convenient to carry in a handbag or school bag – 6″ x 9″ (15,24 cm x 22,86 cm)
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